An Alkaes Consulting JIRA Add-On

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Minyaa Workflows provides new capacities to JIRA, using powerful of Workflows definitions ... 

  • Different Workflow Functions
  • A new Workflow Editor (Text mode) with the support of more OSWorkflow features,
  • An enhanced Auto-Transition Management
  • and more ... 


Issues Validation

It is now possible to define Validations of Create and Edit Issue's actions.


Auto-Transition Management

How may we define an Auto-Transition, JIRA provides Jelly Service ...

Make a try with Minyaa's Auto-Transition Management !


Permission controlled by Workflow

Based on same mechanism as Permissions on Worklog, The workflow may provide more sophisticated permissions for Delete or Edit actions.


Progress Workflow by Customfield

A customfield may offer a new way to progress a workflow's Transition .


Statistic Transition Report

To know which transition occurred on a list of issues ... Run Report the Statistic Transition Report .


Workflow Functions

And to improve the capacities of Workflows, are also needed a set of Workflow Functions .