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This Workflow Editor is not really a new editor. It is more a new interface of the native Text Mode editor, but extended with additional features.


Its 2 objectives are :

  • To be able to have a better view of real Workflow Concepts,
  • To dispose some additional feature in the Workflow edition

How to switch to this enhanced Workflow Editor ?

When you are editing a Workflow in Text mode, you are able to opt for one 2 following modes :

  • Switch from the native Text mode to the Extended mode by clicking on Extended button ...
  • Switch from the Extended mode to the native Text mode by clicking on Text button ...

This last mode used is saved in cookies. On next calls, you will be back to you preferred mode !

A better view of Workflow Concepts ...

By using the Extended mode, you will be able to identify more clearly the different Workflow concepts :

  • The Initial Transition is directly available from this screen ...
  • The Step Transitions and Common Transitions are available with dedicated operations depending on Transition type (Step or Common) and on Transition Qualifications (Recursive, Auto, ...)

  • Recursive Transitions are identified with target status named :

  • Global Transitions are grouped in dedicated section with the Status as Linked Status
  • Common Transitions are grouped in their own section with Status as Linked Status, and also available in relevant Steps ..;
  • Automatic Action and Auto-Transitions are identified

    by a dedicated icon :
    • for Automatic Action
    • for Auto-Transitions

More features to design your workflow ...

LevelOperations availableObjectives
StepAdd TransitionNative operation for adding a new Transition
StepDelete TransitionsNative operation for deleting a Transition from current Step
StepEditNative operation for editing a Transition
StepView PropertiesNative operation for viewing Step Properties
StepDelete StepNative operation for deleting a Step (without incomming Transition)
TransitionMove as GlobalTransform any Common or Step Transition into a Global Transition
TransitionMove as CommonTransform any Global or Step Transition into a Common Transition
TransitionCopy TransitionCopy any Common or Step Transition into a new Transition
TransitionQualify as RecursiveQualify as Recursive any Non Recursive Transition (excepted Initial transition)
TransitionUnqualify as RecursiveUnqualify Recursive Transition any Recursive Transition
TransitionQualify as Auto-Action by EngineQualify as Auto-Action by Engine any Transition (excepted Initial and Common Transition)
TransitionUnqualify as Auto-Action by EngineUnqualify any Auto-Action by Engine Transition
TransitionQualify as Auto-Action by TiersQualify as Auto-Action by Tiers any Transition (excepted Initial Transition)
TransitionUnqualify as Auto-Action by TiersUnqualify any Auto-Action by Tiers Transition

Some other new operation may be implemented in future releases.

Some sample ...

Applied on the Workflow implemented in Minyaa Timesheet, the view of the Workflow is more clear.

Native EditorEnhanced Editor

Useful hint

See also ...

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