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Usage cases

You want to apply, for a Sub-Task with some of their Custom Field be updated with Parent Custom Field values.

How it works

By defining this Workflow Function in a Transition of your workflow, you are able to force some of Sub-Task's Custom Field to be updated with those of Parent Issue. 

Configuring the Feature

To configure the Inherit CustomFields  Post-Function , please follow these steps :

  • Since this Workflow Function does not need to be associated with a screen containing the concerned CustomFields, the function can be added in any Workflow Transition.
    It might be:
    • A Common Transition,
    • Or a Global Transition.

If you want to keep these fields synchronized, it will be preferable to removed concerned CustomFields from the Edit Screen of the Sub-Task, and implement then in all transiitons.

Note that if you need to use such Post-Function in a Initial Transition (Create Transition), you have to check that the Post-Function is used :

  • After  Create Issue  Post-Function
  • and before  index Issue  Post-Function

If it is not respected you will experience an error message when trying to perform the transition.

  • Add the Inherit CustomFields  Post-Function to any wanted transition.

    For more information on adding a Post Function in Workflow, please see JIRA: Adding a Post Function

  • Its configuration allows you to specify which CustomFields have to be inerited from the Parent Issue.

  • You will end up with a transition looking like:

XML Declaration

<post-function >
	<function type="class">
	  <arg name="customFieldsSelected">customfield_10260,</arg>
	  <arg name="full.module.key">fr.alkaes.minyaa.jira-plugin-minyaa-workflowsinheritcustomfields-function</arg>
	  <arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.postfunction.InheritCustomFieldFromParentFunction</arg>

Useful hint

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