Usage Cases

In some cases, you can prefer to share a same Workflow with different Projects, and incorporate a small delta based on the current project.

 This condition allows the transition if the current project matches with the selected project.

It is not the best practice in JIRA Administration, but it can minimize effort during the implementation of a new configuration.

Add the Condition

Select the Project Condition ...

Edit and View Parameters

Specify the expected Project,

Ok it is defined ... Now the transition is allowed only if current Issue is in the Project Test

XML Declaration

The Condition configuration may be done in XML in Workflow descriptor as follow :

<condition type="class">
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.condition.ProjectCondition</arg>
	<arg name="requiredProjectId">10100</arg>

Here the condition is valid, if the Required Project Id matches with current project ...

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