Minyaa Plugins are organised into Editions.
Available editions are :

Minyaa Core

The Alkaes Minyaa Core Plugin provides a different small features and resources used by MinyaaTime.

Before 4.x, Minyaa Core was more an edition providing all other plugins that were not related Minyaa TimeWorkflows, Spread or Reports.

It contained the following plugins :

  • Minyaa Core plugin

Minyaa Time

The Alkaes Minyaa Time Plugin provides a set of features around Time Management.
It will allow you to extend native Time's features of JIRA.

Worklog Details

How Minyaa has extended Worklog Details to provides Worklog Types ... and Worklog Statuses for Timesheet .

Log Work by Delegation

Minyaa Workflows

The Alkaes Minyaa Workflows Plugin provides a set of features around Workflows
It will allow you to enhance the capacities of your Workflows.

Minyaa Workflows provides new capacities to JIRA, using powerful of Workflows definitions ... 

  • Different Workflow Functions
  • A new Workflow Editor (Text mode) with the support of more OSWorkflow features,

Minyaa Spread

The Alkaes Minyaa Spreads Plugin allows to ...

Link Scheme

The main idea of Link Scheme is define what are the preferred link between two issues.

Its definition has a direct impact on offered operation in the Issue View by adding a Create and Link Issue operation.

Minyaa Predefined Reports

The Alkaes Minyaa Predefined Reports Plugin provides the capacity to associated Projects with Predefined Configurations of JIRA Reports.
As Administrator, you create Report Schemes that can contain different Reports with dynamics configurations.

Capturing Report Configurations

To be able to define quickly your Report Scheme, a mechanism is appended to any JIRA Reports, allowing you to save your own Report Configurations in the Main Reports Scheme.

Alkaes JIRA plugin - Users Security

The Alkaes Plugin User Security provides a set of customfields around :
  • Project Role Picker
  • User Picker

It will allow you to implement some powerful Permissions & Security Schemes.

Issue Selector and Computed Fields

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