In order to extend features around Timetracking, Minyaa Time has extended attributes of a Worklog.

Worklog Statuses

Timesheet Management provides an approval workflow.

But, to allow to manage Timesheet Status with a smaller granularity, it has been decided to manage status at Worklog level.
To allow that, Minyaa Time extends Worklogs attributes with the Worklog Statuses.

Timesheet Id.

Always for Timesheet Management, a link is managed between the Timesheet and the Worklog.

A foregin key (Timesheet Id.) is stored in Worklog.

Worklog Fields

Worklog Fields are a way to extend the Worklog details.

Worklog Field Plugin

Worklog Fields are a way to extend the Worklog details. 

Worklog Types

Instead of splitting your Issue per type of Work, you can decide to qualify in your issue each of your work.

To allow that, Minyaa Time extends Worklogs attritutes with the Worklog Types.

Worklog Types are a way to qualify the logged Work.

Manage Worklog Types

You will have to define a set of Worklog Types (Name, Icon & Color) ...

Manage Worklog Type Configurations

These Worklog Types will have to be organised in different sub-set : Worklog Type Configurations.

Manage Worklog Type Scheme

These Worklog Type Configurations will have to be associated to Issue Type in a scheme : Worklog Type Scheme, themselves associated to relevant projets.

Minyaa 3.x

Thanks for noting that the documentation with Minyaa Time 3.x is available here .

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