Worklog Type Configurations page ...

To access the  Worklog Type Configurations management page:

  • go to Issues Administration section,
  • scroll to Sub-section Worklog Attributes
  • and select the menu Worklog Type Configurations .

List of Worklog Type Configurations

When accessing the Worklog Type Configurations page, all existing Worklog Type Configurations will be displayed.


A Worklog Type Configuration is described by these below attributes ...

IdThe Id is auto-generated on creation. It is displayed in order to simplify potential action database side (for support reasons) 
NameThe name of the Worklog Type Configuration
A good practice is to respect an unified nomenclature for all your configurations.

A short description the Worklog Type Configuration.

ConfigurationsIt represents the list of Worklog Types that you have identified as relevant for an Issue Type, related a Project Model. 
SchemesIt lists the Worklog Type Schemes that use this Worklog Type Configuration.
The displayed scheme name is clickable and redirect to the Worklog Type Scheme Entities page.

Create/Update a Worklog Type Configuration

You can create a Worklog Type Configuration by clicking on button  Add new Worlog Type Configuration  ...

A dialog box is display and allow you to specify :

  • the name
  • the description

The unicity is verified.

The Worklog Type Configuration is created empty ...

Configure a Worklog Type Configuration

By accessing the menu  Configure  ...

You will be able to select relevant Worklog Types by dragging them from Available Worklog Types column to Selected Worklog Types column ...

When configured, the selected Worklog Types will be displayed ...

Delete a Worklog Type Configuration

When trying to delete a Worklog Type Configuration :

  • There is not yet a check of the usage ... 
    The enhancement is in the backlog !
  • ...