Which requirement?

You want to log work on an issue and need to specify on what kind of activity it is relevant.

This requirement has been raised to Atlassian in 2003 (JRA-1780) without being take in account.

Which solution?

Alkaes Minya Time introduces the concept of Worklog Types, allowing you to assign a qualification to your worklogs. e.g. Analysis, Development, Testing, ...

Also, when logging work, you are able to specify the relevant Worklog Type :

  • in the Worklog Gadget from your Dashboard (see Log Work from Dashboard),
  • in the Log Work Dialog box, when logging your spent time from Issue View or Issue Navigator,
  • in any Transition Screen, where you have added the Log Work System field (see Log Work as Issue Field).

When logged work is qualified by a Worklog Type, you are able to see it :

How to implement?

Based on the same way you are currently configuring fields of your projects in JIRA, by organizing the Fields (System & Custom) in Field Configurations and themselves in Field Configuration Scheme per Issue Type, you can now implement a complete Worklog Type configuration.

You have different steps to follow :

When you have completed the different configuration, you will be able to associated Worklog Type Scheme to your projects.