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The Worklog Type Panel gives another way to display entered worklogs.
You are able to display worklogs aggregate depending on different criteria.

Available criteria are :

  • Worklog Author
  • Worklog Type
  • Worklog Date, declined in :
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
Depending on selected criteria, you will obtain different aggregation of time spent with following information :

  • Spent Time : Aggregate time spent by criteria.
  • % Estimate : Spent Time against Original Estimate expressed in %.
  • % Effective Estimate : Spent Time against Effective Estimate (Remaining Estimate + Spent Time) expressed in %(always 100% if no estimation have been done).
  • % Time Spent : % of time spent against the aggregate time of previous aggregation level.
Some samples ...
  • Aggregation done by : Worklog Type, Quarter, Month, Week, Day and Author

  • Agregation done by : Quarter, Author and Worklog Type

  • Aggregation done by : Author, Worklog Type and Work Date (in week)

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