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What is it?

The problem you need to solve: Your developers forget to log their time.

How Minyaa solves this problem: Minyaa allows you to prompt your developers to log time when they do a transition in a workflow.

Since JIRA 4.2, a new Issue System Field (WorklogSystemField) is provided (surely inspired by Worklogger Custom Field of Minyaa (wink)) and allow you to log work during transitions.
You will think that this Custom Field is no more useful? You should not!
Worklogs are extended with Worklog Type and Worklog Status for Timesheet Management.
Then, you should use this CustomField in place of Worklog System Field.

How it works

This feature works by prompting a user to enter a worklog through a custom field. For example, when you resolve an issue, JIRA already prompts you to enter the resolution type and a comment.

Using this feature, you can also prompt a user to enter a worklog.

For example, when you can also add this custom field in the Create Issue screen.

Using this feature, you can also prompt a user to enter a worklog at Issue Creation step.

Configuring the Feature

From Custom Fields Viewer screen ...

  1. Search for Worklogger for an Issue Custom Field in Advanced Customfields

  2. Give a name to you field
  3. Determine which screen will hold your Worklogger for an Issue Custom Field.
    It might be :
    • Any screen that you already use,
    • One of the default screen (Resolved Screen, Workflow Screen)
    • A screen you create specifically for this purpose
      For more information on adding a screen to JIRA, please see JIRA: Defining a Screen
  4. Add your Worklogger for an Issue Custom Field in the selected screen,
  5. If needed, you can add the Worklogger Validator to extend validation.

Using this new field

On Issue Transition, as soon as the field is present in the Transition Screen, you will be able :

Note that, if you are using JIRA 4.2 and over, you will have to replace in existing screen, the default WorklogSystemField by the customfield, if you want benefit from associated features :

  • Worklog Types ...
  • Support of Worklog Status for Timesheet Management
  • Custom Permissions for Log Work

Under contruction

For older versions, you can refer to Minyaa Time 3.5.x .

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