JIRA provides lot of features to help with your Use Cases, but not all! It may remain a 20% to cover!
Alkaes Add-Ons may help you to complete your Use Case.



Our Vision


Be able to base a business relationship on a mutual trust and the more transparency as possible.

Share our experience for the benefit of all parts.

Support you in the completion of your goal, using the most generic solution.



Our Expertises


Since more than 5 years, Alkaes has worked with its customers to cover these last 20% of missing features.

Working since more 10 years on JIRA, we made, like others, some errors, acquired some better practices, and finally have a more efficient experience in AddOn's developement.

Your Experiences


We will commit to provide an efficient technical support in best delay.

Your feedback will be always welcomed ...
It will allow us to grow ours Add Ons for the benefit of all of you.

In a short sentence ...

We prefer to provide a generic solution (even if it is a new development), than dedicated one!

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