Reminder related Server and Data Center Licenses

Since Atlassian has scheduled the retirement of Server Licenses in favor of Data Center Licenses, all Apps Vendors have to provide a Data Center version of their Apps. It means to follow a Data Center Validation process with a final approbation by Atlassian.

This process consists into 2 steps :

  • Technical Validation where the Vendor has to answer to detailed set of questions related on how the Apps is built and if it respects a set of rules around different theme : Threading, Cluster Lock Policies, Memory Usage, External integration and many other points.
    The final goal is to validate that no technical issue will be caused on a Data Center instance.

  • Performance Validation based on a multi-node instance with 1 million of Jira issues and benchmark test.
    The final goal is to validate that no performance issue will be caused on a Data Center instance.

Currently, for all Alkaes plugins, only the 1st step has been internally reviewed. Following, these reviews, few corrections have been applied in order to make Alkaes Apps DC Compatibles (without the official Atlassian Stamp).

The Benchmark procedure for 2nd step has been initiated but no completed, since it requires a large effort around different topics :

  • few technical capabilities,
  • some dedicate time to allocate,
  • and, induced by this time to allocate, some cost in hiring dedicated servers on AWS.

At Alkaes Consulting, I am alone and not at full time, and then not currently able to invest on a short period the required effort on this validation. since I do not know the exact time needed to complete it.

As soon as I will be able to complete without consuming too much time and money, I will go forward. Until that, you will have to use Alkaes Plugins with only my own validation process.

For Alkaes Plugins already published on Atlassian Marketplace as Server plugins, you can always ...

  • Download them
  • Renew the Server License until February 2024

But you can no more ...

  • Request a Trial License
  • Purchase a Server License

For new Alkaes Plugins and future releases of existing plugins, the related JAR or OBR files will be accessible on . This change will occurs slowly.

The prices should be unchanged for Server licenses, but will be review for Data Center licenses in order to follow the relevant User Tiers.

The purchase and renew will have to be done directly with Alkaes Consulting without Atlassian Marketplace to .

Purchase an Alkaes Plugins

To purchase licenses for Alkaes Plugins (aka Apps or AddOns), you have 2 possibilities : Purchase them 

  • with the Atlassian Marketplace on (aka MAC).  UPM Licenses (Universal Plugin Manager) will be provided.
    Note that, if you have a Data Center Jira instance, while the DC versions are not available for Alkaes Plugins, 
    • you will be able to purchase an UPM License aligned on Server User Tiers (10, 25, 50 ,100 250, 500, 2000, 10000, +10000).
    • or opt for Legacy Licenses if you want to benefit from intermediary User Tiers.
  • with Alkaes Consulting (aka Legacy Licenses). In this case, you will get some benefices ...
    • Some volume discount if you opt for at least 2 Apps
    • More delay to renew after license expiration (not one month like Atlassian) 
    • And, while the official DC versions are not available, it will be possible to switch to DC pricing and related specific User Tiers where DC Cost is preferable (750, 1000, 3000 ,4000).
      Note, that until now, the type of license is not tested, and Alkaes Server License works with DC instance (with UPM warning).

Purchase with Alkaes Consulting ...

If you opt for Alkaes Consulting, then ...

... send a mail to and provide below details :

  • Which Plugin (See Alkaes Plugins) ?
  • Which License type : Commercial,  Academic, Open-Source (if you are eligible) 
  • Which User Tiers ?
  • The SEN Number of the Apps (see in Manage App section=
  • The Server Id of you Jira Instance.

Purchase with Atlassian Marketplace ...

If you opt for Atlassian Markeplace, go to and select the expected plugins and perform a purchase as usual.

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