Alkaes Location ...

Alkaes Consulting is a company based near Paris, and dedicated to Atlassian's Products with a focus on Atlassian JIRA.

Alkaes History ...

Alkaes Consulting is not positionned as an offical Atlassian Experts, but works with some of them in France.

Our experience in JIRA has started in 2003 :

  • Development of different plugins for a Bank, in order to implement CCMi features in JIRA,
  • In 2006, release of a first open-source plugin (Kaamelot for JIRA 3.10), where all generic features were assembled,

  • In 2009, Kaamelot is refund into Minyaa plugins (for JIRA 4.0) with Pyxis Technlogies (founder of Greenhopper, ancestor of JIRA Agile plugin, now provided in JIRA Software) 
  • In 2011, Alkaes Consulting is fund in order to continue the adventure wirh Minyaa
  • From 2011 to 2016, Alkaes takes part in different missions around Atlassian products, with always the goal of reusing generic solutions. Many plugins are developed but never released on Atlassian Marketplace. Minyaa Plugin follows the new versions of JIRA but without filling the gap caused by official Public API introduced with JIRA 5.x.
  • In 1st semester of 2016, a important effort is allocated in a new refund of Minyaa plugins in order to respect Public API and to allow hot deployment through the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager. 
  • In end of 2016, different new plugins (developed since 2011) are officially released and available in Atlassian Marketplace.

Etymology of Alkaes  ...

The name of Alkaes is issued from the Latin word Alcahest (en|fr) / Alkahest (en|fr) / Alkaest (en|fr), which represents an Universal dissolvant that allows Alchimist to transform any metal in gold.

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