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Before 4.x, Minyaa Core was more an edition providing all other plugins that were not related Minyaa TimeWorkflows, Spread or Reports.

It contained the following plugins :

  • Minyaa Core plugin
  • Minyaa Tools plugin
  • Minyaa Projects plugin



Now, it contains only few features and resources and , since most of them have been move in separate plugin/editions ..

Under contruction

Minyaa Core is only provided in combination with Minyaa Time (embedded) and Minyaa Workflow (on demand).


Roll Over Backups

Roll Over Backup is JIRA service that supports some Roll Over rules : when a backup is made, the oldest backup or the backups that are older than a configured amount of days are automatically deleted.

Global Permission for Auto-Transition

An extended Global Permission is provided. It is required for Timesheet Management in Minyaa Time.

Workflow Functions on Global Permissions

A Condition and a Validator are provided for evaluating User's Global Permissions.

Additional Resources

Different resources are provided by Minyaa Core. They should/may be moved later into the plugin Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Commons.



Minyaa 3.x

Thanks for noting that this documentation site for Minyaa Core 3.5.x is available here .

On this page:

Not sold separately

Since it has to few features, Minyaa Core is not sold directly, nor priced. Its future is not yest clear : to be exploded in other plugins or to extend with new features.


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