What is it?

Since JIRA 6.3, plugins are able to extend Permissions (Project Permissions and Global Permissions).

With Minyaa Time, the feature Auto-Transition, provided by the OSWorkflow framework, is implemented and requires a dedicated Global Permission.

In order to avoid conflict, this Global Permission is provided by Minyaa Core.

How to configure them ?

Nothing special to do. As soon as the plugin is installed, enabled and licensed, the Run Auto-Transitions  Global Permission is available in JIRA.

But, note that this Global Permission is only a declaration of new permission. Only plugins that know it can use it.

The Global Permission Key is : RUN_AUTO_TRANSITION

How to use it ?

The Run Auto-Transitions Global Permission is used in Minyaa Time in the Workflow implemented for the Timesheet Management, but it can be also used with the Permissions Workflow Functions provided by Minyaa Core.


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