What is it?

It is not features directly usable. They are provided by Minyaa Core in order to extend JIRA and allows other Minyaa plugins to benefit to common JS and CSS resources.

Among them we have :

  • Additional Value Picker for Gadget (used by Minyaa Time gadgets),
    • A simple Project Picker
    • A Boolean Picker
    • A Timesheet mode Picker
    • A Time Format Picker
    • A User Period Picker
  • JS for extending User Picker in customfields
  • Different CSS for Minyaa Time Reports
  • The DivLib resources (used in past in Worklog Gadget, but always used in Timesheet Issue View Panel)
  • The FlexiGrid for Timesheet Gadget
  • The dhtmlXCombo for Timesheet Issue View Panel
  • The ColorPicker for editing the Worklog Types
  • The Treetable for Minyaa Time Reports.

How to configure them ?

Not concerned !

How to use it ?

Used by Minyaa Time plugin and no additional documentation provided

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