Any Workflow is composed by Steps and Transitions. , the following concept may be present ...

In order to met some special behaviors, some of these Transitions can be qualified ...


Initial Step

Is assumed as Initial Step, any Step linked an Initial Transition. The Step Open is created when the Workflow is created.

Normal Step

Are assumed as Normal Step, all other Steps which are linked to and from a Transition.

Final Step

A Final Step is just a Step which does not have link to another Transition.

A Workflow may not have Final Step (case of Circular Workflow) or more than one Final Step.


Initial Transition

An Initial Transition is systematically created by JIRA , when the Workflow creation is initiated.

A workflow (with OSWorkflow library) may have more than one Initial Transition, but currently JIRA comes with the constraint to have only one Initial Transition to an Initial Step.         

Step Transition

Step Transitions are transition defined at the Step level. Used one time by the Step owning the Transition definition.

Common Transition

Common Transitions are Transitions defined at Workflow level, and usable from any Step.

Global Transition

Global Transitions are defined at Workflow level, and are available systematically from any Step. Only Conditions defined in the Transition will change the accessibility of the Transition.

Transition Qualifications

Recursive Transition

Recursive Transitions will be Transitions for which the destination Step is not explicitely defined, but will depend from which From Step comes the Transition. Minyaa Workflow Designer create all Global Transition as Recursive Transitions.


Auto-Transitions Concept is provided by Minyaa ... See details here

Minyaa Workflow Designer is able to qualify any Transition as an Auto-Transitions.

Automatic Action

Automatic Action Concept is natively provided by OSWorkflow ... See details here

Minyaa Workflow Designer is able to qualify any Step Transition as an Automatic Action.

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