This service allows you to evaluate if there is an Auto-Transition to executed in a scope of Issue.

It is a way to implement Auto-Transition on Change Event or on Temporal Event.

For each found Issue, the Auto Transition Service delegates to the Auto Transition Manager, the research of these Auto-Transitions.

Auto Transition Service Configuration

To configure the Auto-Transition Service:

  1. Add the Class fr.alkaes.myaawf.autotransition.service.AutoTransitionServicein Service Definition and schedule it..
  2. Perform the Service definition :

    Specify its scope of analysis. It may be based on :
    • a Filter
    • a Project
    • a Project Category
  3. Specify the user to use as Requester. It may differ from current user, and be defined in the plugin settings page.

    If need, you will able to reserve an Auto Transition to be executed only by accounts granted with the Run Auto Transition permission.

Auto Transition Service Execution

For each execution of Auto-Transition Service, each Issue related tp the scope (Project, Category or Filter) will be evaluated by the Auto Transition Manager.     

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