Usage Cases

You want to force a comment when Story Point exceeds a limit.

This condition allows the transition if a Comment is applied for Story Point exceeding a predefined Fibonacci value.

Add the Validator

Select the Fibonacci Validator ... 

Edit and View Parameters

It is possible to select :

  • the Custom Field concerned by the validation
  • the maximum value to respect
  • Resolutions for which a Fibonacci Validation is needed,

When specified, the selection of these resolutions will require a Fibonacci Validation.

XML Declaration

The Validator configuration may be done in XML in Workflow descriptor as follow :

<validator name="" type="class">
	<arg name="fibonacciMaxValue">1</arg>
	<arg name="selectedResolutions">10000,10102,</arg>
	<arg name="resolutionsSelected">10102,</arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.validator.FibonacciOnResolutionValidator</arg>
	<arg name="customFieldSelected">customfield_10002</arg>

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