Usage Cases

You want to limit the number of selected versions (Fix Versions or Affected Versions).

This condition allows the transition if a Date is reached without having exceed a delay expressed in seconds.


Add the Validator

Select the Selected count Affected Version Validator or Selected count Fix Version Validator ... 

Edit and View Parameters

It is possible to specify the limit of selected Version.      

When configured, the validation will be done if the limit of Version (Fix or Affected) does not exceed the specified limit ... 

XML Declaration

The Validator configuration may be done in XML in Workflow descriptor as follow :

<validator name="" type="class">
	<arg name="selectedCount">1</arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.validator.AffectedVersionSelectionValidator</arg>
<validator name="" type="class">
	<arg name="selectedCount">1</arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.validator.FixVersionSelectionValidator</arg>

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