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Usage Cases

This condition allows the transition if a Date is reached without having exceed a delay expressed in seconds.

Add the Condition

Select the Reached Date Condition ... (Condition is provided also by Minyaa Time for the Timesheet Management)

Edit and View Parameters

Select the Date Time to control, and the allowed Exceed delay, 

When defined, there is no special configuration.

XML Declaration

The Condition configuration may be done in XML in Workflow descriptor as follow :

<condition type="class">
	<arg name="maxExceedDelay">1400</arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.condition.DateReachedCondition</arg>
	<arg name="fieldId">duedate</arg>
Here is controlled if the date named Due Date has been reached around 23 Mins and 20 seconds ...


<condition type="class">
	<arg name="maxExceedDelay">3600</arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.condition.DateReachedCondition</arg>
	<arg name="fieldId">customfield_10601</arg>
Here is controlled if the Customfield Date, with customFieldId customfield_10601, has been reached around 1 hour ...

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