Usage cases

You want to implement some Triage of your incoming JIRA Issues with a move of them in the correct Project/Issue Type :

  • You want to allow your users to move quickly an Issue to another Project and/or other Issue Type,
  • You want to implement an Auto-Triage for incoming Mail, by using Auto-Transition and Issue Move.

How it works

By using this Move Issue Post-Function in your workflow, you will be able to move it to another Project and/or other Issue Type,


Configuring the Feature

Before continuing ...

Before configuring the Move Issue Workflow Post-Function, you have to take in account some constraint :

  • Move Issue Workflow Post-Function does perform the move without user interaction ...
  • It means that you are not able to be asked for any selection during the move,
  • The Source Field Configuration needs to match with the Target Field Configuration,
  • The configured Issue Type and Status have to be conherent for the target Project,
  • No control can be done during the Post-Function configuration, since it is not known with which project you want associate the Workflow,
  • ... to use with care !!

To use this Move Issue Post-Function, please follow these steps :

  • Create your suspensive Step,
  • Append incoming transitions (One Global Transition or few Step Transitions, depending your needs)
  • Append a Recursive Transition
  • It will give by example such below Steps

  • You will have just to add  the Move Issue Post-Function to any wanted transition
    For more information on adding a Post Function in Workflow, please see JIRA: Adding a Post Function

  • Its configuration allows you to specify ...

    • The Project where you want move the issue,
      • in the same Project (it means that you will specify another target Issue Type),
      • Explicitly identified,
      • or implicitly identified by a Customfield
    • The Issue Type to use for the target Issue,
      • in the same Issue Type (it means that you specify another target Project),
      • Explicitly identified among any Issue Type,
      • or implicitly identified by a Customfield
    • The Status in which the Issue has to be set,
  • For all these parameters, you can specify that it has to be moved in the same Project, Issue Type or Status.

    Before continuing ...

    Note that no control is possible at this stage. The selected Issue Type has to be relevant for the selected Project !

  • When added, the Post-Function should be among the latest defined Post-Functions (its weight is set to 1000).

  • You will end up with a transition looking like: 

    And the XML Declaration as follow : 

    <post-function >
    	<function type="class">
    		<arg name="targetIssueTypeCustomfieldId">customfield_10104</arg>
    		<arg name="targetProjectId">-2</arg>
    		<arg name="full.module.key">fr.alkaes.minyaa.jira-plugin-minyaa-workflowsmoveIssueFunction</arg>
    		<arg name="targetIssueTypeId">10100</arg>
    		<arg name="targetStatusId">1</arg>
    		<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.postfunction.MoveIssueFunction</arg>
    		<arg name="targetProjectCustomfieldId">customfield_10300</arg>
  • When the Post-Function will be executed, it will check for Transition History, and will identify the previous Step (different from the current), and then it will create a new Step occurrence in the Workflow, like if there was some outgoing transition to this previous Step.

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