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Usage cases

You want to go back to the previous Step where the Issue was before the current one.

Classically, you have implemented a suspensive Step like  Suspended Request Information ,  ...

For workflow like beside, with JIRA out of the box, you will have :

  • to create a transition from each Step where you want to implement a suspensive Steps.
  • During these transitions, you would have to memorize from which Step you come from.
  • From this suspensive step, you would have to create a transition from which you come from, with condition based on the memorized Step.

In worth cases, for a such workflow, you would have to manage at least 24 transitions. Good luck ...

How it works

By defining this Back To Previous  Post-Function in your workflow, you will be able to force as new Step, the Previous Step where the Issue was before to reach the current Step.

It will be, also, more simple to have :

  • One Global Transition to the suspensive Step or few Transition from a part of Steps
  • One recursive Transition from this suspensive Step to itself with the Back To Previous Post-Function

Configuring the Feature

To use this  Back To Previous   Post-Function, please follow these steps :

  • Create you suspensive Step,
  • Append incoming transitions (One Global Transition or few Step Transitions, depending your needs)
  • Append a Recursive Transition
  • It will give by example such below Steps
  • On this Recursive Transition, you will have just to add  the  Back to Previous Step  to any wanted transition
  • For more information on adding a Post Function in Workflow, please see  JIRA: Adding a Post Function

  • When added, the Post-Function has to be the first one of defined Post-Function (its weight is set to 1).
  • You will end up with a transition looking like: 

    And the XML Declaration as follow : 

    <post-function >
        <function type="class">
          <arg name="full.module.key">fr.alkaes.minyaa.jira-plugin-minyaa-workflowsback-to-previous-step-issues-function</arg>
          <arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.postfunction.BackToPreviousStepFunction</arg>
  • When the Post-Function will be executed, it will check for Transition History, and will identify the previous Step (different from the current), and then it will create a new Step occurrence in the Workflow, like if there was some outgoing transition to this previous Step.

Useful hint

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