Usage cases

You want to perform transition of any Linked Issues.

How it works

The Post-Function follows the defined Issue Links hierarchy, in order to find Issues for which, the Auto-Transition Manager will try to perform a transition for Candidate Transitions.

Configuring the Feature

To configure the Transition Issues Post-Function, follow these steps :

  1. Add the Transition Issues Post-function to any wanted transition, that will be Initiator of the Transition on Linked Issues.

    For more information on adding a Post Function in Workflow, please see JIRA: Adding a Post Function
  2. Its configuration allows you to specify ...

    • Outward and/or Inward Issue Link Types to follow in the hierarchy in order to identify Issue concerned for a Auto-Transition
    • if the Link Hierarcht has to be recursive.

  3. When added, the Post-Function should be among the latest defined Post-Functions (its weight is set to 9999).

  4. You will end up with a transition looking like:

    And the XML Declaration as follow :

    <post-function >
    	<function type="class">
    	  <arg name="full.module.key">fr.alkaes.minyaa.jira-plugin-minyaa-workflowsauto-transition-issues-function</arg>
    	  <arg name="inwardLinkTypesSelected"></arg>
    	  <arg name="recursiveAutotransition">false</arg>
    	  <arg name="linkTypesSelected">10000,</arg>
    	  <arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.postfunction.AutoTransitionFunction</arg>

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