Minyaa Workflows

The Alkaes Minyaa Workflows Plugin provides a set of features around Workflows
It will allow you to enhance the capacities of your Workflows.
A Minyaa Suite plugin

Minyaa Workflows provides new capacities to JIRA, using powerful of Workflows definitions ... 

  • Different Workflow Functions
  • A new Workflow Editor (Text mode) with the support of more OSWorkflow features,
  • An enhanced Auto-Transition Management
  • and more ... 

Align your Workflows to your Business

Stop to be limited, and use all possibilities allowed with JIRA Workflows

Workflows Concepts

Workflows is not only Steps and Transitions, but it is a little more sophisticate.

Workflow Editor

With just a few enhancements, the default Worklow Editor can highlight some additional concept.

Auto-Transition Management

Discover Auto-Transition Management and imagine how you will be able to improve your workflows.

Permission controlled by Workflow

Based on same mechanism as Permissions on Worklog https://doc.alkaes.fr/display/ALKMT/Permissions+on+Worklog in Minyaa Time , your workflow may provide more sophisticated permissions https://doc.alkaes.fr/display/ALKMW/Permission+controlled+by+Workflow for Delete or Edit actions.

Progress Workflow by Customfield

Workflow Conditions (Minyaa Workflows)

Some useful Workflows Conditions

Workflow Validators (Minyaa Workflows)

Some useful Workflows Validators

Workflow Post-Functions (Minyaa Workflows)

Some useful Workflows Post-Functions

Statistic Transition Report

To know which transition occurred on a list of issues ... Run Report the Statistic Transition Report .

Issues Validation

In previous version of JIRA, it was possible implement an Issue Validation for Edit and Create operation, but with the evolution of In Line Editing and some other, it was no more possible to support this mechanism.

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