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Alkaes Consulting provides different JIRA Add Ons (Plugins) which covers various scope of features.

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    Main Features Minyaa Time introduces some features and concepts around Time Management ...
    • An integrated way to manage your Timesheets with approval capacities

    • The ability to apply Type to entered Worklog

    • The delegation of Log Work

    • The ability to Log Work on Workflow Transition

    • The Log Work Gadget on Dashboard

    • Some Extended Work Log Permissions

    • Different Worklog Reports

    • The concept of Workers

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    Main Features — Before 4.x, Minyaa Core was more an edition providing all other plugins that were not related Minyaa TimeWorkflows, Spread or Reports.

    It contained the following plugins :

    • Minyaa Core plugin
    • Minyaa Tools plugin
    • Minyaa Projects plugin

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    Single and Multi Project Role Pickers Single and Multi Project Role Pickers allow the selection of one or many Project Role(s) in an issue in order to identify actors in your process.

    The list of selectable Project Role depends on regular expression evaluated against Name and/or Description.

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    Main Features Minyaa Workflows provides new capacities to JIRA, using powerful of Workflows definitions ... 
    • Different Workflow Functions
    • A new Workflow Editor (Text mode) with the support of more OSWorkflow features,
    • An enhanced Auto-Transition Management
    • and more ... 

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Take time to discover all their features !

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