Minyaa 4.13 is available

 Minyaa and its different editions

Since Minyaa 4.x has been released, some different Minyaa Editions have been published in Atlassian Marketplace as separate entries.

Now, you will be able to download from Atlassian Marketplace the following plugins :

 What new with Minyaa 4.13

This new release of Minyaa, for JIRA 6.4 to 7.3.3, comes mainly with :

  • A new feature in Minyaa Time 1.16 : The Worklog Fields.
    In few line, it allows you to implement your own Fields related logged Works.

    • By example, you can implement an additional field in order to qualify if you Worklog is chargeable

    • The field is available in the Extended Issue Worklog

    • Note that these fields will be no yet available in Worklog Reports (to be implemented in futures releases).

  • And some Bug Fixing for other Minyaa Editions

Download today Minyaa Suite for you JIRA and request now a new Trial License for Minyaa 4.x !

 Other Alkaes Plugins

Minyaa Editions are not the only plugins of Alkaes Consulting, available in Marketplace ... You will be able to evaluate the following plugins :

Best Regards from Alkaes Consulting


Perhaps, you missed it, but Minyaa 4.x is available since more two months ...

Since June 20th, first release of Minyaa 4.x has been provided on Atlassian Marketplace. No global communication have been sent, because Minyaa Site and all the related documentation required to be updated ! But now ...

Which news with Minyaa Suite 4.x ?
  • Minyaa Suite 4.x is compatible from JIRA 6.4.12 to 7.1.x

  • Minyaa Suite is only based on V2 Plugins and then fully installable from JIRA Add-On Administration page from one of any available versions

  • Its Pricing's Structure has been reviewed in order to match with JIRA Users Limits ... See them also here

  • A full refactorisation of Minyaa Suite Editions has been performed. Then, you may have to decide to stop to use one of them or to start with a new one ... See How to move from Minyaa 3.x to Minyaa 4.x ?

  • Yes ... a new Edition joined the Minyaa Suite : Alkaes JIRA plugin - Users Security

  • Minyaa Suite is provided as an OBR file including all of its Editions, but you will be able to apply the license only on the required editions. Soon, each of its Editions will be also available directly from the Marketplace. 

  • Versions of Minyaa integrate now the JIRA Version from which they are compatible :
    • 6400.4.8 for JIRA 6.4.12
    • 7000.4.8 for JIRA 7.0.x
    • 7100.4.8 for JIRA 7.1.x
  • ... and of course, Minyaa 3.x has reached is End Of Life ! 

What would be the next steps ?
  • The Compatibility for JIRA 7.2.x will be evaluated in few days ... 

  • Some new other Plugin/Editions will join the Suite soon. 

  • and I hope many other things ... 

... and what else

The 1st release of Minyaa Suite for JIRA 7.0.x and JIRA 6.4.12 is now available ...

The provided plugins are the same as previous SNAPSHOT Version (See here) :

  • Minyaa Workflows
  • Minyaa Time
  • Minyaa Predefined Reports (ex Minyaa Reports)
  • Minyaa Core
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Settings Mangement
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Project Factory
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Commons
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Indexation Forced

But also :

  • Minyaa Spread : With same feature as previous version of Minyaa (3.5.2)
  • Alkaes Users Security Plugin :
    This new plugin provides a set of Customfield :
    • Single Project Role Picker
    • Multi Project Role Picker
    • User Picker from a Project Role identified by another Customfield (Project Role Picker or any Text Customfield)
    • User Field from any other User fields of an other Issue. This other Issue is identified by a Issue Link or in a field (Detailed docmunentation will come)
    • User Picker based on Permissions (fearture previously provided by Minyaa Tools)

Provided Releases are  :

Next steps should be :

  • a full review of the documentation
  • and different improvement in the License Generation process.