The 1st release of Minyaa Suite for JIRA 7.0.x and JIRA 6.4.12 is now available ...

The provided plugins are the same as previous SNAPSHOT Version (See here) :

  • Minyaa Workflows
  • Minyaa Time
  • Minyaa Predefined Reports (ex Minyaa Reports)
  • Minyaa Core
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Settings Mangement
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Project Factory
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Commons
  • Alkaes JIRA Plugin - Indexation Forced

But also :

  • Minyaa Spread : With same feature as previous version of Minyaa (3.5.2)
  • Alkaes Users Security Plugin :
    This new plugin provides a set of Customfield :
    • Single Project Role Picker
    • Multi Project Role Picker
    • User Picker from a Project Role identified by another Customfield (Project Role Picker or any Text Customfield)
    • User Field from any other User fields of an other Issue. This other Issue is identified by a Issue Link or in a field (Detailed docmunentation will come)
    • User Picker based on Permissions (fearture previously provided by Minyaa Tools)

Provided Releases are  :

Next steps should be :

  • a full review of the documentation
  • and different improvement in the License Generation process.





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