The installation procedure of Minyaa Suite has been deeply simplified with the version 4.0. Since all plugins are now based on Plugin V2 architecture, the installation can be performed from the Universal Plugin Manager of JIRA.

Installing and uninstalling Minyaa does not require anymore a restart of JIRA !

The main installation steps are now :


On this page:

Installing an Edition

  1. Log into your JIRA instance as an administrator
  2. Go to Manage Add On
  3. Select your Minyaa Edition
  4. Perform its installation
  5. A set of different plugins will be installed.
    • Some of them are only technical plugins
    • Some others are licensed plugins/
  6. When installed, you will  be able to access the Alkaes License page, where it will be possible to apply a License Key file.

Applying a License

  1. Log into your JIRA instance as an administrator
  2. Go to ALKAES PLUGINS SECTION / Licenses
  3. Select the Minyaa Edition that you want to be licensed
  4. Click on Register license and upload the provided License Key file
    and then click on Register
  5. When the license is applied, you will see the License details.

    1. The License Holder : You or your company
    2. The License Issuer : Alkaes Consulting
    3. The License Subject : Minyaa Edition Name (See Minyaa Editions)
    4. The Issuing Date : When the license has been generated
    5. The Validity Period : Time limited for Trial licenses, Perpetual for Commercial licenses
    6. The Maintenance and Support Period : Time Limited for all License Type
    7. The License Type : Trial, Renew, Commercial, Academic
    8. The Consumer Type and amount : User limited or Server limited 
    9. And the list of embedded plugins : Alkaes Plugins that are deployed with the Editions.
      See  details on Minyaa Editions

  6. Now, you can follow the Administration Guide for your installed Minyaa Editions.



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