Minyaa Suite is a set of Plugins organised in Editions. They covers :

  • Time Management
  • Workflows Manage
  • and many others features ...

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Discover what can provide to you the different Minyaa Editions ...

  • Take time to read the documentation on each Minyaa Editions,

  • Identify which Edition matches with your needs,
  • and start a first evaluation ...

Evaluate them

  • Follow theĀ Installation Procedure
  • Perform the needed configurations related the installed Minyaa Edition
  • and enjoy ...

Thanks for noting that this documentation site is under construction. Related the feature of Minyaa, you can refer to the previous documentation site for Minyaa 3.5.x .

On this page:

Pricing and Purchasing

  • See Pricing ...

  • Note that a new Purchasing process will be soon implemented for this new version of Minyaa and will replace the Minyaa Store.