User Management for Project Manager allows to manage the membership of Project Roles from Excel ... The main goal is to provide to Project Administrators a way to manage Project Role's membership from a simple Excel Sheet.

Through this sheet, you will have a matrix of :

  • Users versus Project Roles
  • Groups versus Project Roles
  • Users versus Groups (only groups members of a Project Role)
  • Groups versus Groups (if Nested Groups are enabled)

From this matrix, you will be able to prepare Massive Operations :

  • Users creation
  • Grant/Revoke users to Project Roles or to Groups granted to these Project Roles
  • Update User details

It will be possible to do it, as connected to JIRA or Offline ... It means that these operations may be prepared by non JIRA Administrators or Project Administrators in offline mode, and then you will have just to verify and apply the operations.

Access to Excel Sheet

As Project Administrator, you can access an Excel Sheet from your Project Administration section.

Access JIRA and your(s) Project(s)

After having downloaded the Excel Workbook, you have to complete the settings in order to access your JIRA and your(s) Project(s).

Two steps have to be completed :

  • Identify the JIRA Instance
  • Select the Project to manage

Manage User & Groups

Now that your Excel Workbook is connected to your JIRA, you can go forward with Users and Groups Management :

  • by creating new Users and granting/revoking Project Roles and Groups memberships
  • and also by preparing more than one project ...

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