By default, JIRA allows Worklog creation through EDIT WORLOG Permission.

Minyaa Suite introduces an additional permission to extend this initial permission ...

When Minyaa Time is enabled, a Worklog can be created by a user if he has

  • the permission to Update the Worklog (EDIT WORLOG Permission),
  • And has the permission to Create Old Worklog.

This permission to Create Old Worklog is evaluated in following cases :

  • the user has not the Project Administration Permission
  • and the WorkableDelay ("Worklog.Create.Delay.In.Days" in Application Properties) is positive.

The condition is evaluated as follow :

  • Today is not older than EOM-1M+nD (End Of Last Month + n Days), where n is provided by the WorkableDelay parameter.

The WorkableDelay ("Worklog.Create.Delay.In.Days" in Application Properties) may be modified through the Minyaa Settings page.    

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