Report Workload IssueType displaying Spent Time by Issue Types.
  • workload-IssueType Workload Report (Issue Type) :

Reports Workload Project is displaying Spent Time against Estimates.

  • WorkloadProject Workload Report (Project) : Calculations are done, taking in account the spent Time of all project's issue, not only the identified one.
  • WorkloadOnPeriod Workload Report on Period : Same as WorkloadProject, but taking in account only the spent Time of identified issues.
  • WorkloadIssueReport Workload Report (Issue) : Same as WorkloadOnPeriod, but criteria may be selected one by one.
In theses reports, the information displayed are the following :
  • Time Spent : Sum of entries of Users on the specified period
  • Cumulated :Sum of all entries of Users on all issues
  • Estimated :Sum of all Initialy Estimated Time for Issue concerned by the period (WorkloadIssueReport) or all issues (WorkloadProject)
  • Remaining Time :Sum of Remaining Estimated Time (entered or deduced)
  • Required Time :Cumulated + Remaining Time
  • Gap :Estimated - Planned

Report Workload WorklogType displaying Spent Time, Estimate expressed in percent (Graphical or not).
  • workload-WorklogType Workload Report (Worklog Type) : 

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