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Block Linked Issues depending on Status


Usage cases

The basic usage case is to block a Transition of a Parent Issue until all its Sub-Tasks are Resolved or Closed.

But it may be also these others use cases:

  • Block a Resolve transition until Linked Issues having a Block Issue Link Type are Resolved.
  • Or Block Start Progress Transition of a Sub-Task until its Parent Issue is In Progress
  • and many others ....


How it works

By defining this Workflow Condition in a Transition of your workflow, you are able to block/allow the transition depending of the Status reached by Linked Issues .

By Linked Issues, the condition considers all Issue Link Type (included Sub-Task) in both direction (Inward and Outwards Link).


Configuring the Feature

To configure the Block Linked Issues depending on Status Workflow Condition, please follow these steps :

  1. Add the Block Linked Issues depending on Status to the wanted transition.
    For more information on adding a Condition in Workflow, please see JIRA: Configuring Workflow
  2. Its configuration allows you to specify which Issue Link Types and Statuses are concerned by the condition.
    You have to select
    • The list of Issue Link Types (Inward or Outward) to consider,
    • The list of Statuses required for allowing the transition,

  3. You will end up with a condition looking like: 

XML Declaration

And the XML Declaration as follow :

Code Block
<condition type="class">
	<arg name="outwardLinkTypesSelected">10000,</arg>
	<arg name="inwardLinkTypesSelected"></arg>
	<arg name="">fr.alkaes.myaawf.workflow.condition.BlockingOnLinkedIssuesStatusCondition</arg>
	<arg name="selectedStatuses">3,</arg>


Condition to block a Transition depending on Status of Linked Issue.



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