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What is it?

This Custom Field allows to identify a set of users depending on one or many selected role.

How to configure them ?

For adding this new Custom Field ... 

  1. Select and Add the Custom Field Type Multi User from Selected Role 
  2. Then go to Configure.
    You will have a set of Configuration Items allowing to complete the expected configuration ...

    • Fields
      For identified Fields that will have to be checked to identify concerned Project Role,, themselves used to build the list of Users.

    • Display Mode
      And finally, which rules will be followed to render Users

    Configartion Items

  3. Start to specify which Fields have to be used.

    You will have to select one or many Fields among the provided list. This list of Custom Fields will be built depending on their Types. It means any Custom Fields based on :

    • SelectCFType :
      • Select List (Single Choice)
      • Radio button
    • MultiSelectCFType :
      • Select List (Multiple Choices)
      • Checkboxes
    • GenericTextCFType :
      • Text Field (single line)
      • Text Field (read only)
    • Single and Multi Project Role Pickers
    • and any Custom Field Type from provided by Third Part Plugin and that inherits from these Types.

    Configure Project Role Fields

  4. And, finally, it will remain to specify Rendering Rules ...
    For this Custom Field, the Rendering Rules means to specify :

    • How the list of found Users will be rendered ?Available options are :
      • Users to display all found users,
      • Project Roles(s) to display only Project Role(s),
      • Project  Roles(s) and Users to display both
      • Groups to display Groups that are member of concerned Project Role(s).

    Configure DisplayMode

    • If the Assignee fields required to be hidden ?
      I may have a sense if the currently Custom Field will be likened to an Assignee field.

    Configure Hide Assignee

    • If the current Field has to be displayed if it is empty ?
      When no User is found, it may have a sense to display the field is empty.
      (like Unassigned for Assignee field).

    Configure Display Empty

Your Custom Field is now configured ...

Custom Field is Configured

At this stage, your Custom Field is configured ...

In the sample configuration on left ...

  • We will consider below Fields
  • And finally, in terms of renderding ..
    • Found users will be simply not displayed.
      Only Project Roles
    • The default Assignee field will be hidden since we decide to use this field to manger Assigment.
    • an even if no user is found, the field will be displayed.

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