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What is it ?

The problem you need to solve: By default, JIRA provides only permission to manage Worklog (Create or Update), but nothing related the visibility of Worklogs and Timetracking details.
In some case, Time Tracking Fields (Estimates Time, Spent Time and Worklog) need more security than JIRA provides.

How to solve this problem: Alkaes Minyaa Time tries to offer a solution to enhance the security.

How it works ?

Some reminder on native behavior

By default, the Worklog Issue Tab Panel and Time Tracking Issue View Panel are displayed as soon as the Time Tracking mode is enabled and the Time Tracking field is visible for an Issue.

With Alkaes Minyaa Plugin ...

When the plugin is installed and enabled, some change are applied in Jira Plugin settings, in order to :

  • disable the native Worklog Issue Tab Panel (It will be replaced by the custom Worklog+ Issue Tab Panel)

  • inject some condition in the Time Tracking Issue View Panel.

At this stage, the parameter PERMISSIONS_BROWSE_WORKLOG_ENABLE (jira.option.BROWSE_WORKLOG.permission.enabled) is set to No.

If you want to enable and use it for confidentialities reasons, process as follow :  

  • Set to Yes, the parameter PERMISSIONS_BROWSE_WORKLOG_ENABLE ,
  • and configure the BROWSE_WORKLOG  permission in each relevant Project Permission Schemes.

Now, users granted to this permission will be the only allowed :

  • To see Worklog+ Issue Tab Panel, also named Extended Worklog Issue Tab Panel,
  • to see Time Spent Issue Tab Panel
  • and Time Tracking Issue Web Panel.

It means that only allowed users will be able to see Worklog details from Issue View.

But, note that these aggregate values are details visible

  • from Issues View Navigator with below fields :
    • Time Spent, Original Estimate, Remaining Estimate  (for any Issue or Subtask)
    • Σ Time Spent, Σ Original Estimate, Σ Remaining Estimate  (for Parent Issue)
  • from Issue View extraction (XML) 

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