When you install Minyaa Time, the Timesheet Management is not configured !

You need to go the Administration Issue section and to follow below steps to be able to use it.

  1. The Timesheet Configuration
  2. The Timesheet Activation
  3. The project association

Under contruction

Thanks for noting that this documentation site is under construction. You can refer to Minyaa Time 3.5.x .

On this page:

Timesheet Configuration

During the Timesheet Configuration, Minyaa will create all needed JIRA configuration allowing to activate the Timesheet Management using Project Configuration Factories:

  1. Issue Constant creation : Issue Type, Status

  2. Customfield : Start and End Date

  3. Event Type :
    • Timesheet Submitted,
    • Timesheet needs a review
    • Review needed for a Worklog,
    • Timesheet Modified,
    • Timesheet Validated

  4. Project Role

  5. Reserved Schemes :
    • Timesheet Workflow Scheme
    • Timesheet Issue Types Scheme
    • Timesheet Field Configuration Schemes
    • Timesheet Screen Scheme
    • Timesheet Notification Scheme (with assoiated Template Mail)
    • Timesheet Permission Scheme
    • Timesheet Security Scheme
    • and Timesheet Scheme a a default configuration

Timesheet Activation

During the Timesheet Activation, Minyaa will complete the Timesheet Management :

  1. The creation of the reserved Project Minyaa Timesheet Project using previously created schemes, 

  2. Auto-Transition Service for Auto-Transition defined in Workflows

Timesheet Scheme Configuration

After the Timesheet Management activation, a Default Timesheet Scheme is created.

A Timesheet Scheme is defined by following properties :
  • Timesheet Relative Start Date : When starts a Timesheet depending on Today.

    The date is expressed in Relative Date

  • Timesheet Period : How long is the Timesheet period beginning from Timesheet Relative Start Date.

    The period is expressed in Relative Date

  • Timesheet Aggregation Criteria : How Worklogs will be aggregated and displayed in the Timesheet Gadget.

By default, the period is starting at the begin of the week (BOW) for 1 week (+1W). 

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