It is based on a Generic Schemes Management 

The Link Scheme provides new settings for Projects.

It allows to define with which other Issue, the current Issue has to be linked.

For identifying this target Issue, this scheme is storing :

  • the possible Outward Links between Issue Types.
  • and also the Search Request to use for filtering issues.


A new menu is available in Schemes menu section ... 

You can make a copy of an existing one.. 

Or add a new Link Scheme ... or Edit an existing Scheme (Name and Description are editable)

For each Link Scheme, you are able to define ...

  • Outward or Inward Link between Issue Type Link...
  • An Issue Filter (among your favorite filters) used to search candidate issues

Note that ....

  • You can define redundancies. Each combination of selection can not be repeated,
  • If no filter is specified, the Issue filtering is done using the Summary field and restricting the search on target Issue Type and same project as Source Issue,
  • As soon as a filter is defined, there no other criteria than the Filter,
  • List of Issue Type are not restricted by Issue Type Scheme.

Minyaa 3.x

Thanks for noting that the related documentation with Minyaa Time 3.x is available here .

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