Predefined Reports defined by Reports Scheme may (will) be available in different screens of JIRA ...

  • In a Reports Project Tab panel of the Project View,
  • In new Gadget, similar as the Fragment Gadget,
  • As a Menu in the Issue View.

Reports Project Tab Panel

A new Project Tab Panel, named Reports, is provided with 2 sections :

  • A 1st section providing the list of all available Project Reports (Similar section as Report section in Summary TabPanel in JIRA 5.2.1).
  • A 2nd section providing the list of all predefined Project Reports ... 

    • This list displays all Report Configurations defined in the Report Scheme associated to the current Project.
    • Each Report Configurations is converted into a link to special action able to contextualized parameters, before redirecting the request to the final Report Action.

Gadget Report

Not yet available

Issue View

Not yet available

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