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  1. Log into your JIRA instance as an administrator
  2. Go to ALKAES PLUGINS SECTION / Licenses
  3. Select the Alkaes Minyaa Core that you want to be licensed
  4. Click on Register license
  5. Upload the provided License Key file and then click on Register.
  6. When the license is applied, you will see the License details.

    1. The License Holder : You or your company
    2. The License Issuer: Alkaes Consulting
    3. The License Subject : Alkaes Minyaa Core
    4. The Issuing Date : When the license has been generated
    5. The Validity Period : Time limited for Trial licenses, Perpetual for Commercial licenses
    6. The Maintenance and Support Period : Time Limited for all License Type
    7. The License Type : Trial, Renew, Commercial, Academic
    8. The Consumer Type and amount : User limited or Server limited 
    9. And the list of embedded plugins : None for the current versions

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