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What is it ?

The Roll Over Backup is a JIRA Service that extends the native Export JIRA Service with additional retention rules. These rules will allow to keep only latest performed Backup, depending on their Nb or the Age. 

It will avoid you to implement deletion shell. After each backup, the Service will delete the older one (sort done on Modified Date, the date of Backup).

How to configure them ?

When adding this Service, you will have to specify :
  • a Name : by example My Roll Over Export Service
  • a Class Name : fr.alkaes.myaa.service.export.RollOverExportService

Then, you will have to define the Backup Settings :

  • the Directory folder (if empty, the default Backup Folder will be used)
  • the Date Format used in naming of the Backup File
  • the Backup Type : Zip of XML (Zip should be always selected, since AO tables have to be also backup-ed)

and the Retention Settings :

  • the Retention Mode : based on a Nb of Backup Files or a Nb of Days
  • the related Nb



Roll Over Backup is JIRA service that supports some Roll Over rules : when a backup is made, the oldest backup or the backups that are older than a configured amount of days are automatically deleted.


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