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What is it?

Statistic Transition Report provides a report where Transitions History are listed for a set of Issues where the Issue Transitions Tab of JSU Automation Suite for Jira (aka. Jira Suite Utility Plugin) does it for one issue only.

How it works ?

From Reports section (accessible with Report link in Project sidebar), select the report Statistic Transition Report where you will have to specify :

  • Which already saved JQL Filter has to be be used ?
  • If columns of this filter have to be displayed (relevant only of the filter has defined columns)

For which results ?

Displayed statistics rendered in the report will depends on Filter Column Layout :

  • If does not exist (No column defined)

  • If exists (Some column are defined for your filter)

    then opt for Display Columns to  Yes, and see them in report ...

Useful hint

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