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When accessing the SQL Editor ..

you will be able to write directly your SQL statement and execute it.

Table Filtering by Apps

If you are not aware with the Database Schema, you will be able to filter Tables :

  • by Apps or Apps Type,
  • by Table Name

Apps dropdown box lists all Apps Criteria ...

  • All Apps for all tables visible in the Database without filtering (Native tables and Tables of Apps),
  • Core (Core) for all natives tables of Jira manage by OFBiz framework,
  • AO Plugins (AO_) for all tables managed with Active Object framework,
  • and for each Apps owning tables, we have an aditionnal entry :
    • Plugin Name (AO_XXXXX_) where AO_XXXXX_ is the table prefix used by the plugin
    • Uninstalled or Inactive Plugin (AO_XXXXXX_) where a table prefix is not explicitly mapped to an Apps.
      If occurs when the Apps is inactive (disabled) or uninstalled, and also in rare cases, when the Apps has changed its Application Plugin Key but uses it always.
      (capability supported in Active Objects using annotation .

It is also possible to apply some filtering on Apps based on their name. Below, the 3 tables coming with plugins of Advanced Roadmaps Application   

Based on the applied Apps criteria filter, the Tables dropdown box lists only the relevant tables.

Table Filtering by terms (Basic mode)

By starting to enter some terms, the list of Table is filtered by the basic Autocomplete feature ...

Table Filtering by terms (Advanced mode)

If you a powered way to filter the table, you can enable the advanced mode ...

As soon Advanced mode is enabled, the entered term is used filter table by searching the terms in any place in name of Tables and/or Columns, always by using the Apps criteria ...

Tables with term 'user' in Core tablesTables with term 'user' in AO Plugins


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