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Query the tables more quickly ...

Of course, if you are aware with SQL, go forward and type your SQL statement directly.

Building a SQL for a Table

As soon as you have identify the table to query, by selecting it in the Table dropdown box then :

  • 2 new dropdown boxes are displayed :
    • One for Select Clause
    • Another for Where Clause 
  • and the SQL Statement is pre-build

Building a SQL for a Table with more clauses

Now, if you select fields from these 2 columns, the pre-build SQL Statement is regenerated

NB : (warning) if you have already modified the initial SQL Statement, it will be overridden.

If you have select fields in Where Clause list, you will have specify the expected value to use as criteria.

If the option Row Limit (see SQL Editor - Settings) is enabled, the limit term is automatically added. 

Executing a SQL

You have built a valid SQL Statement, go for execution ... If you are sure about the volume returned, you can remove the Row Limit Clause.

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