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Reuse recent SQL Statement

Each time a SQL Statement is executed in Alkaes Database Client, it is stored in a history queue.

To access it ... 

Click on SQL History ...

You will be able :

  • to see the last 30 executions done, since the plugin has been enabled, with
    • the execution date
    • the Jira Administrator who executes it
    • the SQL Statement executed
    • the Row count impacted by the SQL Statement 
  • to reuse it by clicking on it.

In future release, it is possible that the history will be extendable over 30 entries and perhaps stored in database. For this version, the queue is just done in memory.  

Some tricks ...

When building your SQL Statement, do no hesistate to use SQL Comment  ...

SELECT count(*) FROM jiraissue 
-- SELECT * FROM "jiraissue" 

 it will allow you to execute one query and keep a trace of some others ...

Useful hint

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