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Query the Jira Database directly in SQL


Objectives of this editor is to simplify the access to the Jira Database when querying it by SQL. It will provide some solutions for some of situations you are facing :

  • You are not aware about the Database Schema of Jira and the different Apps,
  • You do not know which are the relevant table for an Apps (The native page in System / Plugin Data Storage is long to be displayed on large instance, since a count of rows is done systematically),
  • You need to recall some queries previously executed.
  • ...

using the Alkaes Database Client , some settings will be welcomed to enhance your experience.

SQL Editor - Settings

To enhance your usage of the SQL Editor, you may have additional configuration to complete.

SQL Editor - Tables Filtering

Discover the Database Schema by applying filter on Apps

SQL Editor - SQL Statement

Query the tables more quickly ...

SQL Editor - History

Stop to search you SQL Statements ...

Useful hint

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