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SQL Editor provides a description of Database Shema in order to allow you to design more quickly your SQL Statement.

Alkaes Database Client implements different ways to access this Database Shema.

Database Schema issued by DatabaseMetadata of JDBC

Each JDBC Driver has to implement all specifications of JDBC.

Through the DatabaseMetadata, they have to produce a detailed description the Database.

This behavior is normally efficient to retrieve needed information.

Database Schema issued by SchemaStatementsProvider

In few cases, an alternative is required ... It is the case with Oracle, where the implementation of JDBC, prior to version 23.x, are concerned by a bug when getting Table Columns details. Due to this bug many Oracle Cursors are opened and not closed.

To avoid this, Alkaes Database Client implements some SchemaStatementsProvider where the need SQL Statements are provided. It is currently implemented for 2 Databases :

  • PostgreSQL, implemented just to validate the behavior,
  • Oracle, implemented as a workaround.

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